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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Step One: Buy a house!

Hello and welcome! In the future this is where I will be posting updates on the progress of my project. The first update I have is really really exciting news--today I purchased a house through the foreclosure auction! The house is a cute little two-family dwelling on the east side of Buffalo. It has been unoccupied for over a year and needs a lot of work, but it definitely has character! The current plan for this house is to use it as a learning center for the community--anything from home repairs to gardening workshops will be hosted there in order to teach about basic home maintenance, food security, and sustainability. I chose the name Buffalo Basics for this blog/project because I think that it is important to stress the need for "going back to the basics." As a society it seems we have lost these things that were once common knowledge, so I believe it is important that we return to the basics of home ownership and food sustainability if we are to envision a better Buffalo community. In my next post I will explain the hows and whys of this project, the impact I see it having, and how you can be involved.

Until then,

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Acadia said...

yesss!!! this is so inspiring. I hope that I can infuse as much passion and activism into my own project. GO US!!