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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Earth Ovens, Glass Block Windows, Mortar, and a BBQ!

Last week was a busy week--there was the ReUse Open House on Saturday where Matt and I gave a demonstration on earth oven building and cooking, and then an impromptu workshop on planting/preparing a garden for the growing season. On Sunday was a demonstration on installing glass block windows which was a little rough throughout the process, but turned out beautifully!

Saturday's Open House was SO much fun. Folks were in and out all day, enjoying the nice weather and eating some of Matt's delicious pizzas and breads. Watch out folks, he's gonna become the bread master of Eaton St...get your orders in now! We had never fired up the earth oven before, so we were nervous about the outcome, but no need to worry. Everything worked out wonderfully, and we even were asked how much we would charge to build one in someone's back yard! Sorry, we aren't hiring out, but if you want to learn how to make your own, we will be building another oven May 26th through 28th, 8am-12pm daily.

Sunday came, and it was another gorgeous day! Unfortunately I had mis-measured the window space, so I had had to build up the frame before installing the glass block. No worries though, I just built it up a bit, let the frame dry, and then fit the pre-made window into place (Whitney and I had made it the previous week). Once the window was in place, I finished it off with a bit of mortar and voila--it looks so much better. Of course everyone was ragging on me, saying I should have measured better...geez! It was all in good fun though, and I think the workshop was definitely a success. Can't believe how much light that one window lets in...I barely need the basement lights on now! We will be offering another glass block window lesson for folks who missed it, coming up some time in June or July. So you don't miss another class, take a look at our May calendar.

As always, the workshops are 100% free and open to anyone, so just show up and be ready to participate! We love newcomers and of course we love our regulars...it's a great chance to meet people, learn something new, and have fun! There is a workshop
TODAY (5/5) on Mortar at 6pm. If you can't join us tonight, we're throwing a Cinco de Mayo BBQ tomorrow (5/6) from 6-8pm (free food, pinata, food from the clay oven, music, etc) . Hope to see you soon!


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