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Saturday, August 1, 2009

ReUsing Water: Greywater Systems!

This past week, we taught a workshop on constructing a greywater wetland. I found a lot of resources online...the greywater guerillas website seemed to be the most helpful. The way our system is set up is that the water flows from the sink or shower out into first, a barrel full of sand which filters out any of the larger particles and soap scum, and then it drains into the clawfoot tub full of wetland plants, which interact with the water and provide a natural filter, so now it can be used on gardens! In addition to reusing water, this greywater system makes use of a 55 gallon drum (to hold the sand) and also a clawfoot tub that was destined for the garbage! Talk about material reuse. And it is such a cool addition to the garden!

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