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Friday, December 18, 2009

Spray Foam Insulation

I was in Buffalo last weekend and worked on the spray foam insulation (sealing the gaps between the rigid foam and the joists) in the crawlspace. It's very simple...after installing the rigid foam (see previous post) and securing it, you just need to run a line of spray foam from the can all the way along the seams. You can buy it for ~$3/can.

A word of caution: WEAR A RESPIRATOR! The chemicals from the spray foam are very bad for you to breathe. You will get sick without a mask. My uncle has a sprayfoam insulation company out in Long Island and he says that he's gotten terrible asthma-like breathing attacks...so please be careful. Spray foam is amazing stuff, but not worth sacrificing your lungs!

This month coming up...look out for DIY solar air collectors! For my thesis I am measuring the efficiency of air collectors I build out of trash. These collectors will be attached to southfacing windows to capture the sun's energy and heat up the air in the house. Keep checking on the calendar above for workshop days. Remember, it's an experiment...so the first solar air collector may not be perfect, but at least it has the potential to heat your home! If you'd like to get involved in general, please feel free to contact me...there will be lots of work going on January 2-16th. Learn a new skill and meet some awesome folks!

Happy Holidays...

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