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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Countertops and Orange Sinks

Because the kitchen is a priority for Maura to be able to teach baking workshops in during stormy weather, we have been working on finishing the cabinets and countertops. Speaking of workshops, the baking workshop on prefermenting went really well. See photos here. We even were audience to a great accordion performance!

For the countertop we chose is an oversized door. We wandered Buffalo ReUse, looking for something that was countertop-like. Originally, we thought we might just get the corian that they had hidden in the back, but why go boring? The door used to be a swinging door, presumably in a kitchen somewhere. What better reuse than restoring it to its original location? Perhaps it won’t serve as an entranceway, but it will serve an equally (if not more) important role in the kitchen.

Like a normal countertop, we had to cut the sink hole with a jigsaw, and then we threw the crazy orange-red sink into the mix! The two problems that remained were: a) it was a paneled door and b) wood + water = icky combination. The first problem was addressed by adding tiling in the middle of the panels, raising the level of the panels to be even with the thicker part of the door. The second problem was solved using a product suggested by my friend Carrie. She told me about this super effective polyurethane that is used on boats that keeps all moisture from entering into the wood. Now, I admit polyurethane should be avoided in most cases, but when it is a countertop that encounters water CONSTANTLY…I think it is ok to use. Perhaps not, but anyone know any other solution to using the polyurethane that keeps the wood from getting ruined?

This week we will be working on shelving and cabinets, maybe starting work on the flooring in the side entrance, installing a bathroom cabinet, etc. If you’re interested in learning any of these things or other things, let me know! We can always set up a last minute workshop. For now, I am taking a day off. Swimming at the beach in Canada, enjoying Father’s Day with my Dad and both of my grandfathers!


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