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Sunday, November 14, 2010

For those leaky toilets out there...

Announcing: there is an official date for the workshop in December!
If no other requests for workshops are received (you still have time to submit a request by the way), the workshop will be on plumbing basics.

We will talk about the various ways to construct, alter and repair plumbing systems, and there will be a discussion on the pros and cons of copper, pex and aquatherm as plumbing materials. The workshop will be very hands-on, so expect to learn how to solder, how to repair broken water lines, etc.

Workshop details:

December 22nd, 5pm-6pm
153 Eaton St.

Free, open to all. Bring a jacket since it can be a little chilly that time of year! Hot cocoa will be served since that is my favorite winter drink (tea is also an option...). Hope to see you there!


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