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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Yes, InDEED!

It's been a long time coming, but I finally have my deed! Silly, because I bought the house in October and am just getting license to enter...right in time for the coldest weather to hit. Imagine if I were moving into the house today--there is no way I could get the heat going on day one, even with a perfectly intact and up to date system! So I would have to suffer through a few nights of deathly cold! And that's assuming I didn't need to replace any radiators, boilers, etc. (which I probably will have to do). Perhaps the city needs to consider changing the time of the foreclosure auction to spring so that people have ample time to get their homes back online before the Buffalo winter hits?

Anyway, I took an initial look around and found...a MESS. The previous owners/renters left all their junk on the second floor, complete with year and a half old birthday cake! And the fridge? ...ew. I opened it to inspect and a round of gagging ensued. I spent an entire day just cleaning all the garbage out so now I can actually start the huge task of rehabbing.

BUT--luckily my house is in remarkably great shape! There isn't major major structural damage, I'm only missing about 6ft. of piping, and it looks as though I have nice wood floors that just need a little TLC. I even have a wonderful set of pocket doors and a newly refinished bathroom! All in all, the house has 6 small bedrooms, two floors, two bathrooms, an attic, a basement, two kitchens, a porch to sit on, and a big backyard for my garden! Can't wait to start getting my hands dirty, learning the basics of housing rehab...

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