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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March update

So the radiators work, but are they hot enough? Depends what temperature they're run at. Unlike radiant floors, these babies need to be hotter in order to have a better heat output in a concentrated area. Question is...how hot does it need to be?

I have been able to keep the house at a steady 59 degrees. Not particularly comfortable, but certainly not freezing either. And that was only with 4 radiators in the entire house (compared to the original 7 on the first floor). I'm hoping that the additional radiators will keep the place toasty...but only time will tell. And unfortunately it's already March and I will not be able to accurately test them any longer! Perhaps next year...

In other news, Maura is back on the job with Matt for the earth oven and backyard garden! After a 6 month stint in Europe she is ready and raring to go! We have many plans for summer events (think free pizza and movie nights, coffee breaks, playing board games or twister)...you name it and we will try and host it! We want 153 Eaton to have a very low-key, inclusive atmosphere so please help make that possible (through volunteering, coming to events, donating, asking about bread baking, etc)! Also look out for future fundraising events. More updates to come soon...

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