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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Newton's Law of Cooling and several heat equations later...

Thankfully I turned in my thesis on the concrete radiators this week! Can't say the experiment was totally successful. I discovered many flaw in the design and included may variations in my recommendations section for future trials. If you are interested in reading a 50 page science paper on heat equations, green retrofit, and what factors the successful heat output of a radiator are dependent on, email buffalobasics@gmail.com for a copy. With my thesis done, it is now just a week of finals before I graduate from college (long time coming).

Probably due to the constant questioning (what will you do after you graduate? Do you have a job lined up?) I have been thinking about how this project got started, where it progressed and where it will go in the future...

For that last one, I can say with perfect honesty that I don't know. What I do know are the following:
1. This project started out with an idea, a conversation over coffee. ...but it evolved into so much more! It became a connecting point for neighbors and friends. A place for people to meet other like-minded people, to share frustrations, and to learn from each other. I can say without a doubt that I learn more from people who stop by to visit than I could ever possibly hope to teach. This is inspiring to me since it demonstrates to me the power and potential of collective knowledge and reminds me everyday of the strengths that we all bring to the table. This project, though small, has made me think of continuing this collective energy somehow into a "bigger picture" project! With the same goals of connecting people, networking, self-empowerment through skills-building, etc. What exactly that project is, I cannot say, only that I need to think on it more...

2.The volunteer room will be decorated the minute I get home. So if you have ever donated money, donated knowledge, been to a workshop, donated your time, or--like my parents--volunteered your sanity, your homework is to sign your name on a broken piece of tile, a funny-shaped spindle, an old window, or anything reused! Even feel free to make some furniture out of recycled materials or write a long note (on recycled paper, of course)! Those items will be hung or placed in the volunteer room as a tribute to the many wonderful minds and caring hearts who have helped on the project. There's no real deadline on submitting something, though I would love it if you gave it to me before mid July.

3. The house, regardless if it is not constantly a center for workshops or does not host monthly parties in the future, will always have a door open for anyone willing or wanting to learn skills. So keep my email handy in case you have a question on repairs. Whatever you need to learn, we can figure out together.

As it stands, I will be returning to a summer full of workshops and get togethers. Maura and Matt will be out back baking, I'll be inside tinkering around, and you are always welcome to stop by and browse through our library, sip a cup of coffee/tea, and pick up a few home repair/gardening/baking tips along the way. All the events held at the house will be listed on the calendar at the top of this page, but also on the Buffalo ReUse website (under community calendar).

Signing off as a soon-to-be-graduate,

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