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Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Bake!

Yesterday was the first F+D baking day of the season in the oven in my backyard...and a mother's day bake at that!  Everyone brought their mothers, enjoyed pizza and lounged in the backyard on such a glorious spring day.  We made F+D's famous cinnamon raisin bread as everyone shared embarrassing mother-offspring stories and had a wonderful time.  It was a great start to the baking season, and while F+D has moved on to a commercial kitchen and now sell at the Clinton-Bailey Market (congrats, you guys!), I hope they continue to utilize the earthen oven for community baking events for many seasons to come! Their breadshare season is coming up, so to learn more about the 12-week share and to get their contact info, check them out at: http://fancyanddelicious.blogspot.com/

Speaking of earthen ovens, there is a earthen oven replastering workshop at my house set for this Thursday, from 5:30-8pm.  We will talk about various plaster concoctions, the pros/cons of each, and then we will re-plaster the oven (weather permitting).  Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend!

Whew, lots of cool stuff going on these days...hard to keep up!  I know I have to keep checking the barn raisers calendar to remind me of all the things I'm signed up for. Ha!  Have you heard of it?  Check it out here: http://www.buffalobarnraisers.com/

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