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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Work Holiday at SolRise Farm

Today was the second work holiday hosted on the east side, at Josh and Emily's place, Solrise Farm!  There were many enthusiastic workers there from morning until late afternoon/early evening, ready to rip out old basement windows, cut through sides of buildings and piece together "bottle bricks" for the new glass block/glass bottle windows.

Amanda headed up the demo crew in the front of the house in the AM, removing the existing door and prepping for the afternoon crew to come in and re-frame the walls and door entrance.  Major planting progress was acheived...strawberries, raspberries...mmm!  Marisa, Emily and a bunch of other folks rose to the occasion as they learned how to build with "bottle bricks," a trick I learned out west while working with the Earthship folks.  And the windows look GREAT!  (stay tuned for a description on how to make "bottle bricks")

Once again, lunch was a success...yummy salad and baked ziti.  New people joined our crew of east side diyers, and we are glad to have them.  Next on the list...Gloria's house.  Stay tuned for siding, fencing and/or window replacement in 2 weeks!

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