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Monday, September 21, 2009

Creepy Crawlers!

There are few things I like less about home improvement than slithering around on my stomach in a dusty, spider ridden crawl space.


Truth be told, there is a bit of satisfaction to be had when you emerge from the darkness, headlamp covered in spider webs, a soot mark extending from your forehead to your chin and clothes so dirty you hesitate to sit on furniture for fear of ruining it! At least that's what I feel. It also gives you a sense of legitimacy...I'm dirty, so I must be getting work done, must know what I'm doing! The thought that spiders may be in my hair is a little unsettling, I will admit.

This weekend I had my fair share of fun in the dark spaces underneath my house. While doing some work, I also found some neat objects! Of course the typical animal bones and the discarded wood, but I also found a small wheel, an old (rotted) wine barrel, and some object that is made of wood, has two handles, and looks like a buoy, but weighs over 100 lbs (I will post a photo when I go back and take one in November)! Wonder where it's going...inside? Or in the sculpture garden in the backyard?

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