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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Trash to Treasure Building

While I'm here in NYC, finishing up my last year of undergrad before I'm out in the real world (stirring up the pot!) I have a lot more time to read. To read, to discover new green ideas, to experiment with "left field" ideas! While reading up on natural building I discovered this article, published in yesterday's NY Times.

A man who does exactly what I want to do. Turn trash into treasure. Functional treasure. I don't like the idea of converting trash into art because after the gallery show and if no one wants it, it may once again end up in a dump. Making functional, user friendly objects (not to mention HOUSES) out of discarded scraps re-purposes objects and gives them longer lives away from the waste stream.

Meanwhile, at the house...Matt is on his second week of baking! Last week: multigrain boule. This week: a surprise! Wouldn't want to ruin it for any members who would be reading this!
My grandmother called me yesterday to say that she had eaten ALL of my mother's share of bread, it was
that good. Too bad the shares are sold out for this run...if anyone wants to sign up for the next round...stay tuned! Sign ups will be coming up in a few months (make sure you email fancyanddelicious@gmail.com and ask for a reminder email)

I hear the tomatoes are out of control and the eggplants are booming. There is too much food even for Matt, so if you're in the area PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE feel free to stop by and pick some up! Work continues on the bottom half of the house...it's a mad rush before winter sets in. Finishing the kitchen so it's up to baking status, re-tiling the shower, putting in light fixtures, installing the permanent cabinets (out of recycled windows and wood, or maybe some other odd material...). There's lots to do and to learn so if you want to help, email me or call me and we can set up a date!


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