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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jacquie Walker Scholarship

Last night, I was at the AAUW potluck dinner and meeting. The American Association of University Women (Buffalo Branch) awarded me a tremendous honor, the Jacquie Walker Scholarship, thanking me for my commitment to community service. I was thinking about this, and while I by no means do what I do to get awards and instead I think everyday about how much I'm learning and how much fun it is, it's always nice to get such a recognition from such amazing women. I was blown away yesterday by the group's collective strength and intelligence. I can only hope to be like them some day!

After the awards ceremony I hopped back on the overnight bus, headed back to school in NYC. Got here at 7 this morning only to find an email from my mother with the link to the TV clip shown last night. As I type I'm blushing, knowing in typical motherly fashion, she has probably emailed everyone and anyone she possibly has ever met, telling them the good news--but that's what mothers are great at! If you get a chance, take a look at the clip...

What a weekend. To Buffalo and back again in 48 hours. And back again in a few days for a wedding! If you're around on Friday, come on over to the house because we plan on getting a lot done. As always, lots to do, lots to learn...lots of fun to be had!

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